Twisted Steel Jewelry Jewelry for those who appreciate strength and style.


Thirty years ago, we had a dream to own our own jewelry store.  

We opened Griffin Jewelers, Inc. in Griffin, Georgia.  

Out of that, plus Raymond's interest in motorcycles, 

Twisted Steel Jewelry was born. 


This Twisted little division is our response 

to a volatile time in the jewelry business and 

our customers' requests for alternative metals. 


We serve, not only the biking community, 

but the person who longs for jewelry with an edge.  

A Twist, if you will.  


We are proud to provide 

a well-made product at a competitive price.  


Welcome to Twisted Steel Jewelry.  

Join us on this adventure as we make new friends and encourage acceptance of

this incredible lifestyle called Biking.  Stop by the store to browse,

or come to one of the many events we attend, we would  love to

meet you in person and shake your hand.


Wishing you a Twisted day!

                                                                                                 Raymond and Dana Hortman